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Hello, I am now a regular visitor at St T and wonder if there alternative ways to get to the hospital. Other than train and coach. Last visit I was not well going back to home and it was the longest 3 hours ever. Anyway, my husband said he would drive me, if it wasnt for all the congestion charges etc etc. Is there somwehere where we can park the car and get to St T via bus. It has been a long time since living in London (Over 23 years) and obviously things have changed alot. I use to live in Clapham Common not far away, but just would like to know if anyone has any ideas which are ideal.


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Daisy, If you have a disabled Blue Badge you don't have to pay the Congestion Charge. If you give me a moment I will give you the number to ring. However you need to register and you will need to pay £10 to do so but after that you won't have to pay again whilst you can show you have a Blue Badge.

Other than that you could drive to somewhere and get on a train that takes you to Waterloo. That is very close to St T. Walking distance in fact and the trains are fast and frequent. I don't know how the trains work but if you can find a station that either interlinks with the line into Waterloo or as I say drive to somewhere where you can park for free and jump on the train.

Anyway be back with that info.


Here is the link to Transport for London. If you are travelling and don't have time to send the documents call them and they will either allow you to fax a copy or email the docs to them.



Thank you


Just thought of another alternative. You could park at the new Westfield Shopping Centre. I believe that you now get two hours free. Whilst that may not be long enough its certainly cheaper than central London parking charges. You can get a bus or train from there. If you have a Blue Badge you get 4 hours free!

Also whilst there you can do some shopping or have a nice meal or go to the cinema!!!!

I could even meet you!!! Lots of options actually... they are all coming to me now. Let me know if you want more....


Thank you - yes I have blue badge - are there plenty of trains? The thing is my hubby likes to just go straight to wherever and does not like change, - where is the Westfield?


When I went to St Thomas I got a volunteer hospital driver have you asked if they do It in your area x


St thomas have arrangements for people with blue badge to park for free. I suggest you ring the number on your appointment to get uptodate information. Its a very long time since I last went. I had to come from the north of england and like you, it was a difficult journey. Now I simply rely on my local hospital because I cant face the journey.


Westfield is at Shepard's Bush. Its a huge new complex with loads of shops, restaurants and cinema's. Its opposite the BBC and down the Road from White City. Nearest tube is Wood Lane or Shepard's Bush. It is outside the Congestion Charge too but as I said you would not need to worry about that anyway. With a Blue Badge you would be able to get 100% concession.

At Westfield you need to park on the lower ground floor near waitrose and the Concierge Desk. Park in the many Blue Badge Bays and then take your Blue Badge to the desk with your parking ticket. They will take your details. Then you can put your Blue Badge back in the car.

When you come to leave just put your ticket in the parking machine as normal, it will automatically discount the first four hours. If you are within that time you pay nothing and the ticket just comes back out for you to use at the barrier. If you have gone over the four hours you just get charged the difference. Simples!

The tube station is linked to the shopping centre. Its central line to Bond Street and then a change onto the Jubilee line to Waterloo. About a 10 minute walk to the Hospital from there.

If you want to drive straight to the Hospital considering you won't have to pay the congestion charge, they have a car park. There are disabled places but if you don't get one and park in a normal place just take your ticket with your Blue Badge to the reception Desk and they validate your ticket. Thats what I do if I drive.


Hi Daisy. I'm in the West Country too, near Exeter. Trains at anything near an affordable price are far too early in the morning for me.

I have a blue badge and I have parked in St Thoms. I'm registered with the congestion people (cost £10 one off) so don't pay that. You need to take your appointment letter and badge in to the security people if I remember correctly. That said, I found the traffic so horrendous I lost pounds sweating as to whether I'd left enough time for traffic! (Details of parking are on the St Thom's website)

For my next trip I decided to take advantage of a cheap deal with travelodge and go up the night before. Got a room really cheap at Kew. Only trouble was that St Thom's have cancelled the appointment!

Not simple is it- but good luck .


Thank you - Did you find the travelling into St Thoms okay? May go the that shopping centre and get from there. I am already stressed up about it just thinking about getting up here. I did stay overnight in lodge but it was freezing cold and it was due to builders doing work and no heating. - so that did not make me feel too good and then on the train back well, just hope nobody saw me being ill. That worries me once you pay the train fare in advance no chance of getting it back if St T cancels. Hopefully hubby will sortsomething out for me, coz I just could not train it for awhile.


Hi Daisy.

I can't say I enjoyed the drive up and back and it was a bit stressful on the last leg just getting through the traffic-but was over and done in a day. Their latest appointment seems to be 2.00 so with the usual wait you can catch the traffic leaving London. I think I'll try the Travelodge again next time though. Just don't fancy the trains even travelling alone as I tend to.( I've replied to pm )


I stay overnight in the lupus unit hotel above before my appointment early next morning, i drive down from up north. Blue badge holders no congestion fees and no parking fees at st thomas'.


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