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atmospheric pressure

Hi I have had a dreadful day today,. Headache, memory problems not just due to the headache.

I am wondering if it has anything to do with the atmospheric pressure really warm here yesterday,today cold and raining

I noticed when I started havind dizzy spells years ago that if I pinched my nose and made my ears pop if I did it soon enough it stopped the dizziness.

I am 100 % certain that after being on an aeroplane it made my memory worse, It hasn't improved with time.

Just wandering if anyone else has noticed this

Karen xx

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Hi Karen,

Maybe something in the atmospherics affecting our INR`s possibly making them go down, I find all symptoms worse when INR too low. Just met up with Suzypawz and both feeling very foggy, memory, speech etc. I wonder how many others have had the same sort of day.

Have you talked to drs about memory since flying? Might be idea to check it out.

Take care, gentle hugs, love Jessielou xxx sheena xxx :-) :-)



I am another suffere who is convinced that atmospheric pressure affects me, and my inr. No scientific reason, just observation. But physiologically possible as altitude affects the blood.

Keep smiling!


I have found that hot and cold weather effects my condition it is something to think about


Hi I saw the Rheumatologist yesterday and mentioned the Atmospheric pressure effect, that I thought I had problems with. as far as I remember he said it was an interesting theory.

Pehaps we could have a poll about it. I am going to take more notice about the atmospheric weather from now on. If others do this as well it might tell us something..I will aslo mention it to Professor H when I see her.

Love Karen xx


slightly different view of pressure afecting thigs. iusually feel very foggy headed. 2 weeks ago went to France via the tunnel and about half an hour in france after comimg out of the tunnel my fogginess lifted. it was very bizarre ,a lovely feelin to be free of it,I had forgotten what it was like.I had 2 weeks hloiday in the sunshine felt so much better whether it was the company, warm weather, change of dietor the wine. The tunnel made no difference coming home, but I was feelinng so much better anyway! now home fogy head and tiredness again,ah well, such is life!Teresa


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