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Are Sjogrens Symptoms intermittent?

Just curious as the docs now want to test me for this as I sometimes have very dry red itchy eyes and dry mouth. Lately its been real bad and having to use drops quite a bit. I also have swollen salivary glands along my jaw and neck.

This has happened in the past, but always seems to correct itself in time, going back to semi normal.

Is it possible to have sjogrens and have normal tear production at times or does it completely shut it down?

Also I have had chronic ear inflammation that affects my hearing as pressure builds up and they clog like I am in an airplane or high altitude. Nothing works well to keep them clear very long but have noticed since taking the prednisone with this flare that they haven't clogged once in 2 weeks!

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Hi Kristina,

I think that Sjorgens, like other autoimmune conditions have flares, so the steroids should settle the symptoms.

I`m no expert but these conditions do seem to overlap and flare, then go into remission. Sometimes is difficult to tell which condition is flaring. I not sure whether can have normal tear production at times,

I know I have same symptoms and have had a normal schirmers (i think thats how you spell it) done by a PAST and very unsympathetic rheumatologist. So told I don`t have Sjorgens. Have lupus symptoms, APS and fibro etc.. Just so confusing isn`t it!!!!

I hope this makes sense and that someone whose brain is less foggy than mine will come along with some advice for you. Not too good at moment, but welcome and hope you not feelin too bad today.

I`le be interested in answers too.

Take care gentle hugs, love Jessielou xxxx

Ps my eyes look like I done a few rounds with Mike Tyson today!!! ;-);-);-) xx


Hi Kristina

I have FM and also just been DX with Sjogrens as well as Hughes. I have flares but its what to put it down to!!! Frankly it could be anyone of those conditions. Prof Hughes did the test where he just stuck a litmus paper in my eye for what seemed like forever and it came out bone dry. Thats when he said I had it then had blood tests done etc.

I also get corneal ulcers from time to time and then periods when one eye does not stop weeping! I use vismed, These are very good eye drops with no preservative in them. Your GP should be able to prescribe. Eye specialists recommended them. My eyes do have periods where they are not too bad providing I use the drops.


Hey Kristina, I thought that must be you on here!!! xxx


Seeing an eye doc end of September. Had several more labs drawn this week but even new rheumy questioned it. I have only been dx with APS but also have skin symptoms (pigment changes, etc) and others not ususally attributed to APS so she is thinking other stuff going on. These changes predate going on Plaquenil so we are working on this as lately they are getting pretty bad....


Hello to all,

I have auto-immune problems & can relate to a lot of the symptoms that are being discussed.....I suffer with Hypoparathyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Fibro Myalgia & Arthritus.

Like yourselves i also have the red inflamed eyes together with the brain fog plus the fullness in the ear.....this drives me mad.

Kristina you interested me when you mentioned pigmentation changes, may i ask have you put on a lot of weight ?

I am also being tested by rheumy to rule out Sjorgrens, Cushings, Addisons & Di-George it is a long proses.

I had not heard of Vismed so will ask my Dr if i can try some, i would try anything to stop this nightmare. I have questioned if i have Lupus, with two boarder line positive results i do wonder if my strange array of symptoms are indeed down to Lupus.

I agree with Jess it has its flares & then settles down until the next one hits, It can be very frightening.

I am showing inflammation in my blood results, i am now awaiting results of further testing.

Do any of you suffer from cronic overheating, burning in the legs, very dry flaky skin ?...The list of symptoms is endless & dont wish to bore you all......but do any of you awake with blood in your mouths as I do ?

Not all Gps / Consultants are prepared to listen & it can be a true battle to get a diagnosis.

Keep your spirits up we know our own bodies we know something is very wrong, be patient with regard to testing it can be very frustrating awaiting results when we are feeling so very unwell.

I can only hope you all get your answers & some relief, bless you all.

( Any errors put down to brain fog :)


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