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Had my memory test

Saw the neuro pyschologist yesterday and he tested my visual and auditory memory skills. Apparently they range from low average to average and thankfully there is not much deterioration from 10yrs ago. What did surprise me though was that I failed (spectacularly!) on a concentration test where I was interrupted. Still doesn't answer all my questions though about why I still get so muddled up but will see what St Thomas' say on Tuesday and then my follow up appointment with the neurologist.

Have decided I am going to make life easy for myself by not taxing my memory and if I people ask me something am going to have a stock reply 'I can't remember' and if not sure if I've got appointment times right just ring and ask and if people think I'm a stupid old bat then that is their problem!

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Good for you Caroline! Just let go of that big bag of stress go cause you don't need it. Be sure to write your questions down as far as why you feel you get muddled. And write the answers down right there in the office. Believe me, memory will be brought sublimely to his mind. If he asks - be honest. Tell him you use the journal as a tool against brian fog. He might even speak slower. (I wish mine would sometimes). Do you think you'll ever see the people who answer the phone? Do you think they'll remember your personal call out of the say, 200 they get a day? Don't worry about them. Be a bat, but I can see just by the fact that you are trying to keep yourself in check that you are far from stupid. Muddled and stupid are two different things. Are you on meds? Did you read the insert of possible side effects on the meds? Even if you've been taking them a long time, it may be time to change to a drug that does the same thing a different way. Make the most of your time with the neurologist and MD at St.Thomas'. Be prepared. It would be best if you brought someone else with you . Four ears are better than two. It's comforting to know everybody heard the same thing. Glad those tests came out well for you too. I have lots of time that I can't concentrate at all, so I wouldn't feel too bad. You have a lot of company on this site. I'm curious as to what the neurologist has to say about it. Neuron mix-up? The process of re-routing or rebuilding or learning to accomplish the same goal a different way? All happening without our conscious knowlege. Sounds interesting. I hope you share with the forum and all turns out well for you.

Warm wishes for a healthful tomorrow,


Best of luck



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