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hi all....after finding out i can no longer take warfarin due to side effects.....i wondered if anyone is interested in a coagucheck machine

the nurse at tommies said some people would like to self test at home so to ask if anyone needs one as they are quite expensive...i have only used it twice so its a waste of money to have it just sit there......if anyone would like to buy it could u let me to offers as i would rather someone have use of it........

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Where do you live, as I can't affford a new one. How much do you want for it?


The anti coag machine I found was a bit hit and miss at times , so I went back to the clinic.

What about phenindione, as I cannot take warfarin either.


i have been put on clexane for life.....1 injection a day sometimes 2 .....thanks hun for the


I am very interested and will send you a private message with my contact details, I am desperately interested in yr machine but am concerned with the cost of them. Please contact me with yr details many many thanksx

I am also interested in the side affects that you are suffering? What are the reasons they have stopped yr warfarin?


I am very interested am going to buy machine so I can self test just need to check with my haematologist he will prescribe the stick, can you let me know how much please. Thanks


Hello Sammy

I have a hardly used Coagucheck XS machine, complete with all instructions and packets of strips, that I would like to sell.

I live in London




hi sammyj....i have sold the machine ....but thanks for interest....


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