meeting up!

meeting up!

I am really looking forward to meeting any one that can make it to The Stanhope in Burton On Trent tomorrow (Tuesday) it will be nice to chat with others that understand! :)

I know there are a couple at least that are coming, can't wait to meet you! Give us a bell when you get there so you know who I am! I am the one who's ring tone will be 'Banana splits!!' plus I am the one with reddish hair & part black fringe!! small pic' of me on post to help!

Don't feel too good at mo' plus didn't wake up till gone 12pm!! started off with migraine :( not much energy but still........ we just finished tidying up after son's birthday yesterday! he was 23, only had some close family here.

Got some fruity rice I made we'll have that later for tea with something else!

Ferrets & cats are enjoying left over burgers & sausages!! :)

Been on some antibiotics for 3 days so far....don't think they are helping the problem :( not got another appointment till next Tuesday......may have to chat with a doc' before then :(

Got 'Zumba' again tomorrow & new work out! meeting family/friends in local Costa for usual 'Tuesday coffee', got dentist appointment then get shopping done.

Hope you are all well & happy peeps xx

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  • Hi suzypaws busy day for you tomorrow then. I will be their all being well. My son 11, in loads off pain with hip joints and really high temperature. Docs in morning. They be fed up of us. Really lookin forward to meeting you tomorrow take care. Hugs jessielou x x x x x x x x

  • Sorry only just seen this, Wish i lived nearer.Suffolk is a bit far as I would have to have come by bus.

    Hope you all have a lovely time

    karen xx

  • Sorry missed the bit would have loved to have come xxx

  • Ahhh bless....shame you cant come never know next time :) the Stanhope is a Premier Inn, so theres always that for some if they want to come and have a meeting but would like to stop over also we have 1 spare room!

    Looking forward to seeing you later Jessielou xx

  • Hope your son is feeling better soon Jessielou & it was really nice to meet you, hope to do it again soon, Heather & Chele says hi again too!! :)

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sue, He a lot better tonight when got home, so everything crossed he be ok for thursday, going away for a few days, surprise for kids, taking them Legoland and staying in hotel over night, Hi to Heather and Chele and tell them thanks for making me so welcome. Take care hugs Jessielou xxxxxxxxxx

  • hope your meeting went well and you all enjoyed yourself

  • yes it was nice, cant wait to try to arrange another one and perhaps more may be able to join us x

  • Hi

    i really enjoyed meeting up. Will Definately go again. As suzy says hope others would like to join in too. I was really nervous before i went. Silly me!!!! Best thing I've done in a long time. Looking forward to next time. Take care all. Gentle hugs. Love Jessielou x x x xx x x xx

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