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Thank You and update

Firstly many thanks to all all answered my question on biopsies and Clexane.

I had a lung CT scan back in December that showed a small lesion that was thought to be due to inflammation. imfection or scar tissue where I had previous PE's. Had a repeat scan a couple of months ago of which the results are just filtering through. Anywyas turns out the lesion has grown, and have had a course of anti=bioctics and been on steriods for the last 6 months so inflamation/infetction seems unlikely. Hence the need for a lung biopsy, and bronchoscopy. At this point I am not panicking as I am sure there is a innocent reason abd nothing nasty is going on. Having said that it is always at the back of your mind.

Add into that my eyesight got worse very quickly almost overnight and no one is sure why,I am having probs just doing day to day stuff. Shopping is a nightmare as even with my specs can't read the labels, but I have had some interesting dinners recently.

If all that wsn't enough I have a skin infection and abcess where I have injected so on anti bioctics for that, but it has now gone very black and hurts like hell. So back to the GP in the morning.

I feel life is conspiring against me at the moment but always been the one to look on the bright side of life I have just adopted an adorable 10 week old kitten, he's hard work but oh so much fun. He pings awake at 4.30am saying oh play and breakfast time!! Poor little love was about to be drowned so what could I do!!

Love and hugs to al


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Hi there, I bet that infection has made you feel a lot worse, once those antibiotics have done the trick, I bet a large improvement will come about! It sounds as if your team are being careful with your lesion situation, glad to hear it is all being monitored etc. Mary F x


You poor thing Judes,

I hope your new little friend will cheer you up. What is it called?

I expect you rescued it from an ATOS Assessor!

Let's hope the antibiotics kick in soon and make you a lot better.



Aaaahhhh bless you & your kitty :)

I am sorry to hear what you are going through tho' :( it's just not on.........I'm glad they are cracking on with your tests........I know what you mean about thinking of things in the back of your mind, sending gentle hugs to keep you strong & I'm sure kitty will help critters do.....even the ones that sometimes bite!! :) x


Thank you folks, anti bioctics have been changed today and have to go back to Docs on Weds, what started off as something small is now a couple of inches wide!

Kitty is called Dingo and he's a little what not.m but I love him to bits, along wiitgh the other 3 I have.....


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