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Let keep it short and sweet......

I am 29 live in cumbria and teach ICT and Maths in a Secondary School. I meet APS in the summer of 2010.

The story however started back in the january of 2010 when i had a bicycle accident on the way into work (no cars involved just me and the cycle path) in which i suffered a head injury and had to be taken to a regional hospital for treatment by a neruological team it was noted at the time that i had suffered a stroke which in my eyes is never a good thing (but i was in the right place to find this out). Anyways time past and recovery/ progress was made and i was relased and allowed to go home but had to return for blood tests and follow up checks was during one of the follow up appointments that the i was told i has APS and that i has suffered a stroke which had resulted in me having this bike accident.

Well that me and introduction to APS in a nut shell. I could go on for ever but to be honest i would bore the tear out of you all so i will stop.

Take care


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Thanks for sharing Clare and do not worry about boring people on here you cannot. Welcome and i look forward to haering more from you.




Don't worry about boring people at all (my story is pages long!!). Glad you feel that you can share, it's a big thing to do. Welcome along!



Hi Clare,

Is fascinating reading everyone elses stories. Not boring at all. This journey is a tough one but I think its better when shared.

Hope not feelin too bad today, take care, hugs Jessielou xxxxx


hi Clare

Seriously honey, I don't ever get bored cos I've forgotten what's going on before I've had the chance to get bored!!! To be honest though hearing everyone elses story makes you realise that you're not the only one who has suffered this invisible madness and, whilst I would never wish this on another soul, it's kind of comforting to know others out there. I feel humbled by the others on this forum. I'm glad you've joined and I hope you'll feel as supported as I do

Love Sharon x


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