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Has anyone had treatment with BELIMUMAB for aps?

Ive had treatment of mabthera (rituximab) for 13 months, 2 doses per month....in my case, it helped a little but not as much as my doctor would have liked it. This wasnt as horrible as fchristal says, it didnt repressed my immune system like that and i had no side effects but the weakness the first weak after the treatment. I know of other people that have tried it and did do a great job for them. Since rituximab didnt helped completely for me, after a few months I got a little bit worse...I have been for 2 months under Belimumab treatment. Its way more stronger that rituximab, with strong remaining side effects like nausea, shivers, sometimes im very cold and extremely weak. This treatment does compromises more my immune system. So far im doing ok with that, i do take care a lot of care around sick people, where do i eat and im always covered up to avoid any cold. Since belimumab hasnt been accepted in my country (mexico), i brought it from US and i am the first person here to have this treatment becauseI hadto sign a lot of papersaccepting my full responsibility on the treatment and its effects, for the hospital and the government. I am wondering... Has anyone been on treatment for belimumab? Has it helped you? On the long term?

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Sorry I have not heard of this but wish you well with your treatment with it :-)


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