A good day -- actually a good week/ month

Sine I raised my INR I continue to grow stronger and more pain free each week. I know it won't last, but I'm sure enjoying it while it's here. Today I even used a regular hoe to weed my garden. A simple thing, but as I chopped at the weeds trailing about the tomatoes and the dill I remembered that for last summer and this past spring I had to sit on the ground and use a trowel because standing with a hoe was too painful. I had our small garden done in no time --though I still netted 8 mosquito bites ( those buggers just love me! They probably think my APS is gourmet blood! )

This past week I went on a modest, mostly flat 2 mile hike, -- which was mostly pain free. My check up with my therapist went well; he says my gait is much improved.

Good times, which I hope some of you get to experience too.


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  • Hi Gina pleased things are going well for you at the moment may it continue for a very long time. Love and best wishes Alison xx

  • Hi there, great news, and good to have a bike ride, the more exercise I can manage the better I am, I find it so frustrating to have to stop it. Mary F x

  • Hi there Gina,

    Happy its going well for you, thats great progress. Hope you can keep going. I try to be as active as I can manage. Sometimes its not possible however so dont be too hard on yourself on those occasions, just celebrate the things you can do day to day.

    Sara xx

  • Glad you are feeling up to old tasks even if they are as mundane as weeding the garend properly!! I think right now I am in the sitting on the ground stage but hoping to get back to my proper self soon!

    Enjoy the little moments while you can, you never know what tomorrow is going to bring!

  • A new symptom. ( why do I continue to collect them? ). If I exercise a given muscle a bit it feels better. If I go too far, instead of that familiar slite burn feeling ( which I have learned to congratulate myself for,) I get outright pain in the muscle. About a 3 on that 1- 10 scale. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


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