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The importance of lists!!!

Why did I forget to make a list of things to discuss wth my GP when I saw her yesterday!!!!!!

Since my brain problems which I have previously spoken about in blogs, I have always made sure I write things down so I don't forget, especially when seeing my GP as my memory has got so bad. But I forgot to do one!!! So consequently we discussed a couple of things - my speech which disappeared again that morning but slowly returned in the afternoon, and the terrible back pain that I'm having since coming off the frame and having crutches.She gave me another sick note for work and asked if I needed any more tablets. Anything else she asked. Yes i replied there is, but I couldn't remember what!!!!! Why hadn't I written my list!!

By the time I got home I'd remembered 3 other things I was going to ask her!! (luckily she's not like some of the GP's I read about on here who will only deal with one problem!)

So now I'll have to make another appointment!!!! Hopefully I'll remember my list next time!!!!


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Hi there Jane, a woman after my own heart, I write endless lists... however my husband then goes off with them, and then rings me up several times a day to ask me what he should be doing. MaryF x


I used to laugh at all the lists my mum used to make but i'm making loads too now!! And how many times do I think of something and then walk downstairs or into another room and I've forgotten what it was. So frustrating!! Are you the same?

Jane x


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