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Well I had a cataracct removal 6 weeks ago, but quite truthfully instead of getting better, my right eye is more blurry also on ocassions I have this black 'something' on my side, as though something is standing next to me. I mentioned to the registrar at eye infirmary yesterday and unfortunately the language barrier was quite bad, just trying to get across to him the way I was feeling. It was not a very fruitful appt waiting for nearly 3 hours thinking I was going to see the consultant. Just intrigued to know if other people have had this done.

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No, I have not had this done, but I had dinner this past week-end with a friend, a friend who does NOT have APS, and have this bit of info from her to share: (of course, since she does not have APS this may not be totally relevant.) "They" can mess up the surgery. IT doesn't happen often, but it does happen. She has ended up with double vision which the eye doctor promises to "fix" with corrective lenses (yes, she will have to return to wearing glasses.) But so far she does not have the corrective lens so she could not report on how effective they were. (Frustrating for her -- they called and told her the glasses were ready so she drove from her rural home, put them on, didn't notice much difference but decided to reserve judgement. Days later with her vision no better she called back -- turns out they had made a slip up and they had put the wrong lens in -- a lens which did not have the corrective prism. So -- back to the eye shop and now waiting for the new and improved glasses again.)

Hope this helps?

Cataract surgery is in my future, so forgive my selfishness when I hope for the best for you and ask you to keep me apprised.


yes, I have had cataracts done in both eyes. The second one wasn't too bad but I felt so disorientated by having differing vision that they agreed to do the other one. Luckily for me, I have had no problems but what you have got it doesn't sound at all right and I think you should ask to see the consultant. In the meantime, a trip to your opticians to make sure all is well might be useful. Best of luck, Stella


Have had ops for cararacts and glaucoma on both eyes and apart from reaction to the anaesthetic on my third op there have been few problems and certainly nothing like you have described. I was told I have 20/20 vision but to be honest it doesnt feel like it and I now am wearing glasses again and my sight has deteriorated which I was told at first was not possible now they are saying my definitely worse eye sight is because I am so tired and the muscles in my eye need help hence the glasses! I've come to the conclusion like most medicine opthalmology is not an exact science! I do have APS and Lupus like illness. I would definitely get it checked out by your optician, hope all goes well


Hi, im 34 and had a cateract op 2 years ago - I dont know how old you are, but with these illnesses, and just a young persons cateract in general i have told they are rapid degenerative cateracts and are different from the usual old age ones where it can take about ten years for themto need operating on, hence why once the surgery is done with we dont have perfect vision again. Older people/people with no illness causing them have a long time to adjust to deteriorating eyesight so once they have surgery they have a hallelujah moment where their eyesight seems brilliant - but with us we clearly remember what perfect sight we had so still miss it - hope this makes sense and that was the explanation given to me x


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