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effects of flying

We like going away on holiday in this country so only flights we do are from Gatwick to Glasgow and back to see my elderly parents and whatever other relatives are around.

Each time we come home I feel dreadful with viral symptoms and exhaustion. My fibro symptoms started after the last time (September) and after coming back last weekend I feel like going to bed and pulling the covers over myself. It doesn't help that my leg is painful and swollen.

My GP said take the train next time, but we only go for one or at the most two nights so that's not an option, nor is driving.

Does anyone else find they have trouble with flying?

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Hi there, for me the longer the flight the worse I am, if the flight is over two hours, my migraines get very nasty and stay that way for several days after. The other factor is the bugs I catch from air flight.

I am led to believe that the air is not changed often enough, my own theory is that the bugs go round and round in the dirty air... and end up with me! I try and do my best to prepare for this, my diet is good anyhow but I do take extra vitamin c for for two days before and afterwards and also zinc.. however the only medication I am on currently is aspirin, due to start plaquenil next week.

I also fit into a large number of people who failed NHS blood tests for thyroid issues, but nevertheless after extensive private testing, turned out to have this! I think for myself I would prefer a short flight to a long journey. On long car journeys I stop as often as possible to walk about. I know one tip is to keep very well hydrated with water drinking as it keeps the mucus membranes moist which helps you to fight bugs more effectively. Above all, enjoy yourself. Hope this helps. Mary F


Hi Caroline

Have you had that leg checked out hon?? If not you should and if it gets worse get it checked again!!

I always feel lousy after flights and do seem to catch nasty bugs!

I would only fly now, if on heparin, just to be safe!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi there, I fly every 3 to 6 months, I am english and live in spain so I travel back at various times of the year to visit my family. I always try to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated, dont drink alcohol on the flight and try to move around the cabin or do some simple exercises like rotating your ankles to keep the circulation going whilst sat down for 2 hours.

Sounds like you need to get that leg checked out if it gets worse.

I do seem to catch cold easily as the bugs are contained in a plane so good idea to take multi vitamins that dont contain Vitmain K, or at least take some Vit C or water with slices of lemon, onions and garlic are good bug fighters...all in moderation with your normal diet to keep INR on a level of course.

The different pressure does make me tired so dont plan anything strenuous the day of flying or the day after to give yourself time to recover.

Hope this helps

Sara xx


Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. Fortunately the viral symptoms seem to be on their way out but still feeling exhausted and taking it easy I try and do as Sara suggests and drink water whilst on the flight but it is double edged and then you need the toilet! Fortunately I went before the plane landed at Gatwick as I went as a special assistance passenger and because we were delayed went the most incredible route round the airport and it took as long as the flight to get to the exit!!

Had my leg checked out but am on warfarin so nothing to worry about - the GP said it was probably a combination of arthritis in my knee, lupus and the heat. She gave me some tablets to get rid of the excess fluid but they made me feel as sick as a dog so only took two. Looks like it's going down a bit and not quite so painful.

Carolin e


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