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hughes syndrome and angina


Hi every one, i have just spent a couple of days in hospital after having chest pain and have now been diagnosed with angina, high blood presure and colestral levels through the roof at 13, it scared me so much i thought that was it for me, doe`s anyone know if this is linked with hughes ?? i would appreciate any feedback thanks kim x x

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I had a high cholesterol level but have been taking medication to reduce it statins, they have worked and now it's much reduced

I had a heart attack but no angina, it was caused by a blood clot. I had an angiogram before they realised it was caused by a clot my arteries etc were fine.

I think I have read somewhere about statins helping to prevent blood clots. But I may have been dreaming

HI Kim

I have AF and lower heart valve problems and I am being checked up for Angina.

I think there are some connections with APS and heart problems like AF but not sure about Angina.

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Sorry Daisy I got your name wrong!

Hi there im also on statins and hopefully they will help to reduce my colesteral, thank you for your comments. Kim x x


Before I was 40, I was getting chest, back and neck pain. Exercise test was positive but angiogram was negative. I also have Sjogren's and Factor V Leiden and a septal aneurysm. My diagnosis was "Cardiac Syndrome X" (or "attention seeking madness" according to some, so grateful I couldn't "rig" the exercise test!). I've never smoked, I'm a tad overweight but not obese.

I wasn't on anticoagulents then and I wonder if my blood was too sticky to get through easily, rather than a problem with the vessels. I am on aspirin now and my symptoms have got easier.

I know there was an issue with it and I am sure I am not alone with it on this site.


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