Hughes poster link!

Hughes poster link!

At last I have worked out a way to put a link onto here to my poster!!! :)

Now if any of you would like to save it onto your comps' & print it off to put everywhere they can think can!!! :)

Try to get some in your doc' surgeries & chemists if possible or communityu centres....or anywhere that will allow you too.......lets get raising awareness together!!! :) :)

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  • great job hon - i tried to log in but it wont let me, where ever do you find these pic's. the letter head is super , you have done it again wonder woman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ij so proud of you -----------smileing jet :-)

  • cheers bud, you keep that smiling going :)

  • for you, anything your little heart desires . you are my hero!!!!! is n't it a major break thru - i finally found out how to make the little faces { HORRAY}-- im so proud of me !!!!!!!!!!!!! fast fingered jet

  • I'm very proud of you too bud :) :) :)

  • appointments starting to come in for surgery , 3 so far -should be quite a few more - it looks like they may admit me early ? not sure. dartmouth called and they want to put an insurance rider on me because of the risks factor, they are even paying for it . the guy said this should of been done a month ago. i've never heard of such a thing ?dont quite know just what to think of this myself . this is above and beyond my other coverage ??im going to warn them of my witches , and they will know your watching and ready to cast a spell if need be ??---------------------jet

  • We'll be there to watch over you....cackle,cackle,cackle!!!!!! as long as your being looked after right now.

  • That's superb Sue! Only one tiny amendment - research is now showing that HS causes 1 in 5 strokes and heart attacks under 50 and not 45. I'm hoping we should have some new statistics soon as Patient UK are busy extrapolating and verifying data from the pivotal BMJ article :) x

  • oh ok, ta Kate, I'll alter that's bound to change all the time tho' I suppose.

    Hopefully this poster can be used all over as it seems to be working & getting the word out there....

    Been back in touch with MP today....he cant make the 1st June (when I'm back down there in London) so we shall just get the piece in the paper as we were before I got the idea of trying to get them both together!!!

    Hey hopefully it will happen in the future....we'll just get the ball rolling for now. :) x

  • Yes - the goal posts are always moving with HS. At least we're getting stats now rather than having to 'guestimate'!

    If you like I could give your poster to our lovely freelance designer (not my husband this time but another patient)? She designed the leaflet and could do the same with the poster - what do you think? That way we could have the same branding for both. Email me at the charity if you like the idea.

    Shame about the MP - he's elusive isn't he?! Hope the piece goes into the paper - please keep us posted. I've been working with a journalist in Scotland and am hoping to have something placed in either the Scotsman or Sunday Mail soon - fingers crossed xx

  • Good news with the paper in Scotland : )

    Sounds like a good idea with the poster matching the leaflets! I'll email you tomorrow hun xx

  • Thanks Suzy.

    I will print out and put up as many as I can.



  • Thanks Garry : ) that will be great!

  • Hi Guys i would be interested in any posters i could print off to advertise on 16th june when my daughter is doing her play. The next performance her friends are producing and going to put on is at xmas time in bristol and she wants to use both productions to raise awareness and money for the hughes foundation.

    Rather than re invent the wheel as it were ;-) i would be much obliged for any posters i could use i got a colour printer - saw yours suzypawz well done just checked it out its brill xxx

  • you can use mine by all means.....I can send you the logos for Hughes if you need them? xx

  • thanks suzy that will be great xx

  • Ok, the quickest way to give you the logos is by this link ....

    It is the Hughes folder with a few things in to do with Hughes that Iv'e put on here or the other Hughes site.

    you have my poster link above that you have already viewed.......good luck with it all....dont forget to contact me if you want any help, Sue x

  • thank you sue much appreciated -

    i feel i am about to enter another stressful event which will take up a considerable amount of my time & energy and im not even sure if my poor adrenal glands will cope as i seem to be battling 2 fights at the moment so back to not sleeping - brain just cant rest whilst so much is going on despite recent short term use of sleeping pills ;-)

    my longstanding struggle to get to the bottom of my current health issues i hope will have some direction after seeing Prof K next week

    but more concerning is work issues now entered half pay stress at work the day before my first tia and stress i encountered during my phased return to work has left scars and in the knowledge that 23yrs of loyalty giving 110% in my job does not stand for anything these days the gloves have to come off and i need to get as tough and tactical to win the day - i wont be pushed out the back door!!

    keep going adrenals please ;-) kathy xx

  • you going to ST.Thomas' then?

    I'm there next week......

    You stand your ground really is pants......Hughes arnt standing a chance are we? those that are still in work are getting questioned to stay at their jobs or some find it difficult to concentrate & stay in.....those not well enough to work are now being asked to go back to me! but who will want me?!! an employer will not want me with my unreliability compared to a healthy 20 year old for example!!!


    Sorry I'm ok again all just gets me soooo mad! I shall have to work harder to get awareness out there more.

    If you feel you are well enough to tell them with a BIG BOOT!

    Hugs xx

  • Thanks suzy - ;-) im off to london bridge on the 31/5 just got train tickets. which day do you go? kathy xx

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