Thyroid ink to APS

A question I meant to ask yesterday at the Patients' Day but 'forgot' - are there many of you who also suffer with either under or over active thyroid gland? I've been taken Thyroxine for many many years, following a bout of tiredness and subsequent blood test showing positive for under activity.

Now, following an ultrasound scan, it has been discovered that I do not have a right-sided thyroid gland at all, and the left one has a large growth on it, which is being investigated as I speak (biopsy next week).

So, as you can see, I have a particular interest in knowing whether the two malfunctions are linked in common ie thyroid and APS.


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  • Hello, yes there is a link, many people with APS go on to develop thryoid problems, I have hypothyroidism, alongside APS, Lupus, Psoriatic Athropahty and sjogrens. The thyroid can be attacked by antibodies just like everything else. Mary F

  • snap I had a scan which showed I dont have the right side of my thryoid. I than had an icetoic scan (hope thats how you spell it) which showed left side is twice as big so its doing the job, no growths on it tho.

    sharon xx

  • Yes - autoimmune diseases often go hand in hand (aren't we lucky!). Many people with HS will also have Sjogrens, thyroid problems, Raynaud's or lupus.

    Why not set up a poll to find out how many other people here have it?

  • also many will have it and not know.. those NHS tests are not perfect, I failed mine twice and went privately... and others I know have had this! If anybody wishes me to repost the case featured on ITV this morning with Dr Chris Steel, please say so. Mary F x

  • Yes please that would be useful. Thanks.

  • Mary F x

  • Very interesting and useful clip. Thanks for sharing Mary :)

  • Thank you. really interesting.

  • Further reading available on Thyroid UK, who also have a healthunlocked forum. They have a very good book list and also a web of video stories from members! Mary F

  • lol stop touting for Business Mrs M lol

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