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Exercise (again)

Going back to my question about exercise I spoke to mmy GP this morning. He is quite happy to send me to physio and with a recommendation that they start me slowly in the hydrotherpy pool and havent to do anything myself until i see them mainly because my d dimer is still high so hes not convinced that theres isnt a clot or at least the remains of one. Im under strict orders that any breathlessness that lasts more than 15-20 mins is a call to the doctor and probably an ambulance back to hospital and on the absence of any other advise thats what im gonna do. Just thought i would let you know and thanks once again for all your helpful answers


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Good luck with the hydrotherapy hope it helps kathy x


Good luck, keep it going I'm sure you'l feel the benifit :) x


Thankyou both very much.I am feeling more posotive the last few days for no reason i can explain really but long may it last


I can explain your positive outlook: your docs and attendings (and you) are now focusing on an upward arc as the next step. Getting the dx is identifying the downward arc. You've done that. Now you're on your way back up.

Get a goal in your mind, maybe a couple. One very reasonable, one on the outward edge of reasonable. Then focus on those. That will keep you looking in the right direction.


Good luck and let us know what happens



Tha thankyou all very much. What would i do without this site x


Good luck, hope it helps you feel better, and your D dimer comes down, and good advice from your GP I would say!!

Keep well and full of breath :)



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