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Holiday update!


Following my last blog at half term, I thought I'd do another, because I'm on holiday and have time to!

I took lots of your advice following the last blog, I gave my friends more detailed information about my symptoms and they found their own information to read. I do love them so! They now 'get me' more than before and know that even though I look alright, it's not always the case.

I'm feeling much better, their support has helped. I've also embarked on a fitness / diet regime to help increase my energy levels which is working quite well (and will please the rheummy when I see her as I'm a stone down already and she wants me to be healthy all over).

So really, thanks for your support. It's given me a new outlook. I'm off to karaoke tonight if anyone's got any tips for that!



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I'm glad you are now finding the support off your friends now, it does help a lot.

I have quite a few good friends that understands so I am lucky.

Well done on your fitness regime :) Enjoy your karaoke tonight, me & the guys ( hubbys band members ) sometimes go to them as they are a good laugh :) especially when they join in!!

Sue x


Hi Tania

So pleased you got more understanding from your friends, it helps!!

Glad you feeling better for new exercise regime and are having fun again.

We got karaoke here tonight and my crazy fella is singing monty python`s bright side of life, :-) :-) he`s actually very good at it. He is definately crackers, mind he needs to be to live with me.:-)

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena :-) :-) :-)


well come & join you one night heena :) we got a gig at JCB tonight, have a nice night xx


Good on you, keep it up xxx Mary F


Thanks all :) x


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