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It's really a small world!!

Last night I was in London for a concert- Black Veil Brides... Think Kiss back in the 70s when they were young and wild and all made up!! Well I went outside to have a smoke and started talking to woman named Georgia. Somehow we began discussing APS and sure enough she has a friend on here named Kate (not Hindle) and she was also at the Walk last spring!!

So Kate.... where oh where are you??! I promised I would get in touch with you!!

What are the odds? There were only 5,000 people at this concert and its not exactly something most my age would attend!!

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That is really cool Kristina! I hope you find her.


You weren't wearing your 'Do you know someone with APS?' t-shirt were you Kristina :)


Oh's a small world! I hope she gets in touch with you!!!! :)

& now...back to the B.V.B conversation!!!!!!! I'm soooo jealous!! I have 2 of their albums & think they are great!! I wanted to go & watch them but we are waiting for them to play in Birmingham or Nottingham, bet they were really great?!! I went to see Dragonforce in Nottingham, they were good too, the guitarists jumped on trampolines & kept on playing!!



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