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Re: Friday and SuziePaws and Corby Radio

Via the internet... we should be all able to listen live via here, on Friday, just give us a rough idea on times.

Love from Ms Marple - Mary F

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hay Mary - big hugs buddy i can get it horray!!!!!!!!!!! ill have to figure the time difference, and listen in . great job my friend, ill check the date if i still have it . your the woman . ----------------------------- jet


thanks mary well don suzy!!!


Mary another thanks for your work !!!!!!!!!! you are great ------------ just jet. you are another that i wish i could talk to on private e- mail--but a very large thanks for all you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . same to you Paddy.----------------- just me


Ok....I've only just realised there are 2 seperate blog sections?!!! one called community blog the other Hughes syndrome foundation blog??? am I just being daft? have they always been there? duh....think I'm having a brain fart again!!

Thanks Mary for helping me with the links xx


Hi Mary

Thanks for the link, shall be listening on Friday. xxx

Suzi you are amazing and so much braver than me. xx

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx


Oh I dont know about the braver bit!!

Just a stuborn red head!! )

& I was fumbling my words on air.....why can you never say what you want to say? you remember it all when you've left!!!!! how frustrating! I will do it better on the next one! xx


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