Re: Friday and SuziePaws and Corby Radio

Via the internet... we should be all able to listen live via here, on Friday, just give us a rough idea on times.

Love from Ms Marple - Mary F

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  • hay Mary - big hugs buddy i can get it horray!!!!!!!!!!! ill have to figure the time difference, and listen in . great job my friend, ill check the date if i still have it . your the woman . ----------------------------- jet

  • thanks mary well don suzy!!!

  • Mary another thanks for your work !!!!!!!!!! you are great ------------ just jet. you are another that i wish i could talk to on private e- mail--but a very large thanks for all you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . same to you Paddy.----------------- just me

  • Ok....I've only just realised there are 2 seperate blog sections?!!! one called community blog the other Hughes syndrome foundation blog??? am I just being daft? have they always been there? duh....think I'm having a brain fart again!!

    Thanks Mary for helping me with the links xx

  • Hi Mary

    Thanks for the link, shall be listening on Friday. xxx

    Suzi you are amazing and so much braver than me. xx

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx

  • Oh I dont know about the braver bit!!

    Just a stuborn red head!! )

    & I was fumbling my words on air.....why can you never say what you want to say? you remember it all when you've left!!!!! how frustrating! I will do it better on the next one! xx

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