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How are you affected by a high INR?


I had my INR check today and thought it would be low, around 3.4ish as I felt very tired. I didn't have any other APS problems though, but felt sure it was low. The actual reading was 5.9! I remember that before when it was over 5 I felt the same, tired but no other symptoms. I was told that maybe I have a virus that has pushed up the INR and made me feel tired, which I guess is possible, but I wondered if anyone else has had this too?

If the INR had been 4.5, I would probably have felt really good, but does the excessive INR cause problems (other than potential bleeds)?

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I tend to feel tried and have the mother of all nose bleeds when my inr is high to the last two times it been high i have had funny tick like movements which i ve not been able to to control.

My INR range is 3 - 4 and only once or twice has it gone into the 5's - I tend to bleed more when my INR drops and stop when it goes up, weird I know but that is me :) Illness can certainly raise the INR and make you feel tired for sure.



Hi Del

I feel dizzy, vague, have nose bleeds and jittery when Inr up in the 5`s. feel great about 3.8 :-)

Inr clinic like me to stay below 3, but are leaving warfarin alone and trying to keep my inr at 3. Below it and tiredness, pains, brain fog, speech problems everything just gets worse.

Weird sums up Aps!!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

My INR has been as high as 8 and I felt very tired and had a big stomach ache. I was doubled over in pain due to the stomach. I think I may have been bleeding a bit internally. I think I do feel tired when my INR is very high. I keep mine between 2.8 - 4.2 and that works well for me. When I get too low, I get lights in my eyes which interfere with my vision. When it's too high, I bruise very easily.

yes i feel like sheena. I am trying to drink more water to see if it helps brain fog etc.

Love Karen xx

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Did drinking more water help with the brain fog?

Do you get a venous sample when your INR is high or is it a fingerprick test or coagucheck machine?

I had many instances when my INR came back over 5 on the fingerprick test so I was sent for a venous sample and the venous result was much lower. So now I have venous samples every time.

I feel fine when my INR is high but I notice I bruise easily.

I was offered a venous sample, but didn't go for one. As all my symptoms are worse now, I think my INR has gone way too low! Next time I'll go for the venous

Hi, Yes, I definitely feel fatigued when my INR is high, as in zero energy. I can tell when it is over 4 by that. I also find that the heat or sumer time with all things otherwise unchanged will bring my INR up above therapeutic level.

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