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Cancelled appointments at St Thoms

I promised to say what happened about my letter to St Thoms querying my change of appointment from tomorrow (27th March) to a date in November.

It seems the letter was lost in the post but a phone call to them today has led to an explanation, an apology and a new appointment.

It seems that occasionally we may be given an appointment that might be listed before members of the team have sorted all the dates for holidays, courses etc. If something later comes up that means one of the team is no longer available, appointments have to be canceled.The procedure is then to allocate the next available appointment - which may be a considerably long time ahead.

If you do fall foul of a cancellation and then get a distant re-arranged appointment it may be worth giving them a ring from time to time to see about cancellations. I have now got one such cancellation for a date in May so don't have to wait until November.

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Yes, good to have feedback on this, as I need, living a long way away to take advantage of cheap, early booked train tickets, which if they change, causes me more stress, I have heard this from many people! Mary F.... however not a problem only affection St Thomas' seems to be UK wide!


Can I ask Tim when they let you know that your appointment was cancelled?

I have an appointment there next week on 4th and am worried that they may cancel as I have already paid £90 for my train ticket (that was the cheap fare)! So far so good as I haven't heard anything from them but I'm just wondering how close to your appointment time they cancelled.


KJay, Quite some time ago, at least a month from memory so you should be well ok. I was told that all the courses and leave are now in their calendar so there shouldn't be any more cancellations unless it was for entirely unpredictable reasons, sickness and the like.


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