Fluid pockets in lower back

Does anyone else get fluid pocket in your lower back? The will disappear only to return within days or weeks and they are less than pleasant. I can feel it starting to build pressure and it blocks me from having a full range of motion. If anyone else does get this have you found any relief? So far nothing relieves this for me.

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  • I'm in the midst of sacroilliac problems, but no one has mentioned "fluid pocket." I do have range of motion issues, but have seen that attributed to normal degnerative changes with aging. But I will pay attention to your posts as I don't have much confidence in my local doctors.

  • I too had lower back and groin pain, when I had an MRI it showed fluid in the sacroilliac area. I have now been diagnosed with Ankolising Spondilitis, this in addition to two other autoimmune diseases, Microscopic Polyangitiis and APS. I now have to inject weekly with a click pen and am trying to reduce prednisilone which I think will be a longer job as each 5mg drop brings on the pain again, am at 10mg at present. Hope you don't have this but may be worth investigation

  • I hope you get some help with this soon, it sounds very uncomfortable, I hope your rheumatologist/GP can look into this pronto! M x

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