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3 positive Beta2 glycoprotein tests, now a negative - What does it mean

Hi all,

I have just had the one of the blood results from the test taken at St T's, and it showed negative....... what does it mean? Do I have APS as I was diagnosed with Primary, or do I not? is it showing negative because I am not in a flare up. Me thinks I may be

Smiles and happy Sunday to everyone :)


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hi les- go to google type in beta 2 glycoprotien igg--- 3 down on list --beta 2 glyco igg ,iga ,igm - lots of good info there ,will help you understand better . hope this helps - it makes mention of repeated tests with some of them for positive diagnosis - so im assuming that they may come and go ?? read and tell what you think ----------- jet


Thanks Jet, just off out with my grandaughter, will give you a shout, or gentle nudge when I have looked it up. Thanks :)




Hi Lesley,

For a diagnosis you either have to have 2 consecutive posative blood tests or if you are seronegative you can also be diagnosed throught you family history and mediacl history. And the other thing is the antibodies can rise and fall so when you have a flare.




Hi Paddy,

I have had 3 consecutive positves, followed by one negative.





So much to read, they say Beta2 positive test without the cardilopin is common and positive APS - yet the doc at St t's said unusual .... maybe sometimes it is better just to let things be :) accept what is, what might be and what can be, and just be! ..... maybe a little deep for a Sunday afternoon



So lesley if you have three posative then under the diagnosis at St Thomas you would be diagnosed with APS, the tests will come back negative and posative as your antibodies rises and falls i would not worry about it as long as you medicated and you are posative for APS.



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