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I have low platelets what does this mean?

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Ha, What is low? I recently had my third vaccine and my platelets are 134. About 16 points lower than the minimum. Generally means I have inflammation. But I think it was about my vaccine

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mine went down to 8

This is a doctor question. There can be many causes of low, or high, platelet counts.

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Hi. Platelets form part of the initial clot forming mechanism in your blood stream, having low platelets (and I agree with thick_blood, how low is low?) can lead to bruising or spontaneous nose bleeds… sometimes if the level isn’t below 100, most specialists will watch and monitor. There also more specific tests when your initial blood test comes back with a low platelet count which can count the platelets more accurately and you find you actually have a normal count.If you do have low platelets, your specialist will want to find out why - sometimes it can be due to other medication you’re taking and sometimes due to a ‘manufacturing’ issue.

Bottom line, you need to discuss it with your specialist or nurse support…

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I'm just looking for support here. anyone in same position

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It means it’s time to ask your hematologist if it’s connected to your APS, as sometimes APS can be associated with ITPP.

Only your specialist can give you the details on this one!

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what is APX. I just noticed last todays I have a tiny bit of blood on my pad. not when I wipe. soz for info to much lol

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Do you mean APS?

Just wondering, have you been diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome? APS is the abbreviation for Antiphospholipid syndrome, Aldo sometimes called “Hughes syndrome” in honor of the principal investigator research team who first described the syndrome in 1983.

Sometimes people accidentally join our forum without the diagnosis…

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definitely ITP x

Thank you for your reply. seeing consultant Thurs

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Please do ask your GP and or main consultant, it can be for many reasons, including drug or virus induced, and I enclose a paper for you to read when you have time: MaryF

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They don't know as yet. I was taken in as outpatient emergency. platelets were 8. now high dosage steroids they are 64. so scared

I’ve consistently had low platelets. Usually hovering around 98-100. That appears to be nothing to worry about. My platelets have been as low as 18-20.

I have corrected the issue. Now I don’t know what area you live in, but I feel it is important to know. I take thc gummies every night. Thc gummies have done two wonderful things for my blood.

1) Stabilized my platelets. They are now normal range which is 150-400 in the states.

2) My platelets no longer clump!

There is absolutely no question thc accomplished both of these for me. No question.

Thc is legal where I live.

~Blue Skies To All ~

oh I know what you mean

I live in England

Just an FYI….

If platelets drop precipitously and they go below 30k, it’s almost always ITP unless other cell lines are affected. If RBCs or WBCs are affected, more testing should be done.

Hope they doused you in IVIG and steroids!

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luckily under the hospital

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Absolutely! You’re at a huge bleeding risk. I wish you a swift recovery and plateletful life moving forward.