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Greedy GP's check this out

was trying to cut as the link someone had it on the thyroid site i just come across it today it makes a very interesting read but having "cant think how to do it day" so you could just press on the link but here is the article ;-)

certainly with my recent change of GP's due to appalling treatment with old one i certainly would not want him being paid still - esp now moved doubt many on here would agree a wage of 100k a month plus all this extra cash floating around may makes us wonder why we cant access treatment as get fobbed off - seems some gp's have plenty of spare cash in the pot shame they did not use it to correctly diagnosis people!!

Having a rant day ;-0 i have now been in hospital again as developed another odd symptom my old gp would have ignored!! thank god for the new gps - what a stroke of luck - no pun intended ;-) but the locum gp i saw last aug who got me admitted then is now at my new practice - yippee!! with knowing me she did not hesitate to say go straight to a&e!! Now i am on aspirin as well as warfarin believed and will have mri scan mr venogram to see exactly whats been going on since last xmas when dx with fibro but sadly inr of 1.4 ignored with tia symptoms....

still tho with a weak left hand history of recent unequal pupil and visual disturbances one doctor still implied it was anxiety as my ct scan was normal!! this time instead of feeling awful doubting my self i thought see what consultant thinks get assertive cos now i'd had enough armed with prof hughes blog printed out and a synopsis of my symptoms in relation to my inr and my case study the consultant luckily was already taking my case seriously as thank god had another weird symptom whilst in.. sudden discomfort in back left clavicle area a warm sensation a global weakness and anxiety / adrenaline reaction fast heart rate need to use the loo no headache or visual disturbance... now feeling sick dizzy pain and warmth spreading to left arm hand swelling mottled and cold but this time no pesistant tingling numbness or weak grip what the hell is going on i thought!!! tia stroke or just APS doing crazy stuff to my body????

home now amazing once someone is taking things seriously have i can now focus on other things and get on with feeling better again love to all kathy xxx ps sun out walkies for rosie!! xx

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ps thats 100k a year silly me its footballers with that and more a month!! on yeah and some bankers sneaky mp's!!


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