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Clinic letter gives some clarity

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Now I’ve got the clinic letter and some details are clarified. I still need to wait for the 3 month test for formal diagnosis, but they have already tested twice about 10 days apart. Both times showed strong positives for Anticardiolipin antibodies and beta-2 glycoprotein 1 antibodies. Fortunately the lupus anticoagulant is negative.

This seems to underpin their belief that I will be able to self monitor. So good news I think. Also apparently have a vitamin d deficiency, which the have asked my GP to manage.

Anticoagulant clinic going ok and in range at the moment, so stopped heparin injections (phew!). Next clinic on Monday. So I do feel a little further forward and have some hope of getting back to normal - whatever that’s going to be in the current world.

Thanks to everyone for the support and advice. I suspect I’m going to continue to need it.

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Well done with your progress, I know it takes time to get these things done. MaryF

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