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INR Question Flying tomorrow


Hi, I don't want medical advice just some of your experiences. My INR is 3.5 today. The doctors office didn't call me back. I am flying tomorrow. I am on 5.5 mg a day. Sometimes he holds for a day if I am high so I didn't take it today. I am generally scared of flying so that doesn't help. I fly in the morning so hope to hear from doctors office while I am flying and I can take new dose when I land. I just hope it doesn't drop too low but if I take 5.5 mg and I am on Bactrim it can keep jumping up. Thanks for listening.

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Thanks. My range is 2-3. It has jumped rapidly recently going each week from 1.7 to 2.8 to 3.5. I was told Bactrim makes INR increase. My doctor adjusts the dose sometimes so it isn't very high or very low. I know many have higher numbers and that is in range for them. The doctor didn't get back to me but I fly early and will resume once I hear from them. He often holds 1 dose if it is high. I am not stopping it. Hope that helps and thanks for the info!

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Seems to me you would want to be on the high side of your range -if your flight is a long flight especially.I wouldn't worry if it were me, you are only .5 high??i have a very erratic INR and jump from 2.4 on Tues. to a 9.1 on Fri. And i was going to fly and i wanted to take enox. on top of it all and my INR was 4.1 and my range is 2.5 to 3.5. .IF it were me i would want to be as high as possible . But you could try your Doc or a clinic {don't know if you use one }.if fight is a short one then i would feel different than say a real long flight.


HI there, enjoy your trip, is your medical care managed by a designated Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist? A lot on here carry a higher INR due to our sticky blood. 3.5 sounds good and you may need to have a chat with your doctor about it when you return. MaryF

I would agree with the other posters. 3.5 is a good value, and generally when I was on warfarin my goal INR was b/w 3.5-4 in order to feel my best. I would not want to skip a dose! how long a flight is it? Do you have compression stockings? I would advocate that you stay hydrated, wear compression, and get up and move about the cabin when you can...and do ankle rolls in your seat. I am also not a fan of flying...just take the proper precautions and try to keep your mind focused on the destination and not the flight. Safe trip!

Thanks for the reply and advice. My doctor did tell me to hold 1 dose then resume the same dose. My numbers have been strange as I am on other meds not related to APS. Hope you are well Mary! My doctor is at UCLA a hematologist who has many years experience with APS. I remain high triple positive but without a classic clot, I had the sixth nerve palsy.

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So you hold one dose of Warfarin when you were flying on Doctors order?

It is not important how much Warfarin you take, it is the INR that is important. You should also ask for a shot of Fragmin to take when the INR is to low.

An INR of 2.0 is too low if you have got APS. (your therapeutic level 2.0 - 3.0)

Please let us know how it goes for you as we learn from eachother. Happy journey!

Hi again,

I have read on earlier questions from you here and I have answered several. I absolutely think you should have a Specialist who will let you be on Warfarin and a higher level as you also have lungproblems and neurological symptoms. You are triple positive also.

You have seen several Specialists but only one knowledable of APS and I wonder if he is ok as he in reality does not want you on Warfarin. Have you done an Echocardiography on your heart/lung? As i also understand you have eaten Bactrim for several weeks so that should not suddenly make your INR change now.

You live in the US and you could ask a new question when you come back from your flight here as we have many members who knows good Specialists in the US.

Are you back home now?

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