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Looking for an APS specialist in the San Francisco Bay area


Hi Everyone!

I have been suffering from POTS for over 7 years, and have had various ANA and C4 complement blood tests come back borderline over the years as well.

Most recently I got a borderline positive result for igG and Igm cardiolipins and am desperately trying to find a specialist in the area.

My primary care doctor and Rheumatologist both don't seem very concerned or really have any idea what APS is.

I haven't suffered any clots so far but am very scared it could happen if I don't find proper care.

Thank you so much for your help!

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We have some similarities with the autonomic dysfunction and anti-phospholipid antibodies. I see a rheumatologist on the USCF website who could be a good person to see since he heads the lupus clinic. Please PM me if you want his name or if I can help in any way. KH


Hi, plenty of people are on here from the USA, and will give you some ideas, relevant to your location, however in the meantime here is our charity website, which does carry a list of global specialists on the front page: ghic.world/ MaryF

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