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Difficulty getting air/ breathing in APS


Hi All

I am still in the tricky position of trying to diagnose if I have APS following a heart attack in July. One thing that I noticed at the time, right before and now following my HA is that I feel like I am struggling to get air into my lungs - it feels like my airways are just not wide enough somehow? I can randomly feel an attack of this and experience light headedness and nausea. Has anyone experienced this as a part of APS ?

All thoughts welcome xx

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Hi, is this a new symptom or have you had this since your HA?

Breathing difficulties can relate to a multiple of reasons - have you seen your doctor about this?


Hi, I think I would be checking in with my GP or the consultant regarding this, especially if it is not going away. This can be a symptom of many things including heart problems, also in some cases a slow Thyroid causing 'air hunger' which is widely written about on forums, and of course an under active thyroid can be part of causing a heart problem alongside other reasons. Please do check in with them. MaryF

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