Small vasculitis patches on leg?

Small vasculitis patches on leg?

Hello, I have APS and according to my rheumatologist, light lupus.

Ive been getting about 3 small patches less than a centimeter of what I think is vasculitis.

Does anyone get this with their aps? Is it worth getting checked out or is it ok for this to occasionally happen?

Wasn't sure if it could ever be a symptom of over or under coagulating, currently on 9mg warfarin for life. Been on it 11 years.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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  • I must say I was wondering what the picture was the minute I opened this page! The enhanced and close up was very strange! I have never seen what you are illustrating here on anyone, and don't have this or ever experienced it myself. therefore I advise if this is something that you have not had before that you see your Doctor or send him/her this picture.

  • do check with a doctor. Here in the States where mosquitoes rule the summer -thats what I look like after a bite.

    And yes, the itch is horrid. Its September so I currently have 2 bites plus a couple of patches ( autoimmune inspired, so bilateral) of poison ivy. And some people wonder why I prefer winter?

  • Yeah that's what I thought originally but it's been a while, I do have pretty slow healing overall so it may just be taking a long time to go away. Or there could be a mosqito in the house, my wife is the one who usually gets bit, lol. I'm in NY.

    I had vasculitis on my hand a year ago which is why I was curious before I check in with my rheumatologist.

  • I've wondered if their bites was different on us I'm in Memphis tn and mine get huge and the itching is so intense

  • No one can diagnose a photograph, not even a doctor! Go and see your GP because rashes are very difficult to diagnose. Ease your own mind!

    With good wishes,


  • I often wonder why, when hiking with my trail club which often comprises as many as 30 other people, that I'm the one who is bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes and ticks - when no one else gets a bite. Then I had a revelation while listening to public radio: the segment describe the problem of tracking antelope in Africa. It seems that those antelope which they tagged on their ear were more likely to be eaten by big cats even if their health and strength was on a par with other members of their herd. Why? The visible tag itself was creating a mark which the predatory cats would see and que on. So my corresponding theory regarding mosquitoes and ticks is that my blood smells a little different so I'm the one that the bloodsuckers cue on.

    So, summer becomes a constant fight: me vs the bloodsuckers. Long pants and long sleeved shirts do help, but does anyone want to dress like that in 85- 100 F degree heat!? Winter is coming. Bring it on! Death to those bloodsuckers!

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