Lots of pain 🤐

On hydrocloxaquine and azathoiprine but still getting a lot of pain which is keeping me awake of a night ! Didn't go to work today as had no sleep last night

Was going to ask my gp if I could have some stronger pain killersbany alive on what I should do ??

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  • So sorry to hear ur in pain! Yes speak to ur doc about it! I take pain meds for my back, but I'm careful not to overdo it because they're very addictive! I wish u well! GODSPEED

  • Hi Tim, I thought you were also on warfarin? If so pain medication will be difficult but you should speak with your Dr.

  • I have Targin 10/5 which is a long acting opioid - in Winter I have 1 am and pm and in summer maybe 1 at night. Also have Oxycodone-these are prescribed by my Rheumy and I'm pretty careful (because of addiction) how I use them. I get them from one doctor and one Pharmacy (which keeps the repeat scripts) My GP is aware of all my meds. There are times for unknown reasons the pain in my hand as well as the phantom pain drives me nuts for 3-5 days at a time and then gets better so I can only put this down to a flare. As long as these work for me.

    What do you take for pain relief now?

  • I take co codamol or paracetamol when too much pain but prednisolone and Pregabalin all the time.It is very wearying when you just can't have a long sleep

  • Hope you are better, Tim.

  • Hi, any new pain regime, need the input of your main specialists so to avoid any INR/drug contraindications. I hope you feel better soon, also what is causing such pain. MaryF

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