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APS support UK

I phoned APS Support UK today for some info and found the person I spoke to very helpful. So, thanks for that. Also have been watching patient's day videos on the site which were useful.

Finally, I think my legs look much like the ones shown in the recent post here. Well, in terms of the livido reticularis. Mine of course (unlike those in the pic) are not at all shapely. I guess Ive got levido reticularis knobbliest.

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Good that you had some help, we are not attached to them any more, however our new charity, and we are the official forum for that charity, (website being built), will put on our own events, watch this space.

I used to love attending and circulating the videos and talks and things, but nice to be working on such a new and uplifting venture. I hope you continue to find all the information you need, it does not matter where it comes from as long as it is accurate and helpful. MaryF


Sooo right Mary, couldn't agree more, although this website: healthunlocked, is one of the very best. You guys do,a phenomenal job! Thank you👍


I wanted to be clear I was talking about this website😁


Thanks Mary. Will watch that space.


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