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Cut back on Plaquenil?

Has anyone here ever been advised to cut back on Plaquenil dose because of low white blood count and low Neutrophil count?

I saw a new Rheumy last week. He ran CBC. When these counts came back low (which the white count always does) he wanted me to cut my AM dose in half. I refused and he said that with the neutrophil also being low he was concerned I could be at risk for infection.

I have several docs looking at my white blood count and none of them are concerned that it's low due to the plaquenil. But none of them run the neutrophils.

I sent all the results of this recent to my hematologist and he said I should be fine on my current dose so I'm staying on it.

Just wondering if anyone has been advised to lower dose due to a low white blood count.

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There are reports of Plaquenil causing low platelets however its usually on high doses or long term use. Its also very unusual. As with all drugs they print a list of all possible side effects which most people do not get. It could be coincidental or transient but I would go with the Dr you trust the most, do a risk versus benefit process and repeat blood tests to see if its consistent and also look at other reasons for this to be happening besides the medication before making a decision to stop it.


It's been consistent with the white count being low. But this is the first time the neutrophils have been run and are low. His concern are the two of them together being low, I'm at risk for infection. I've been on the Plaquenil at this dose for over two years, with my white count at this level for the same am out of time with no serious consequences. My hematologist says I'm ok at this dose so I'm sticking with it.


Sounds good.


I was on plaquenil for four years but stopped it a year ago due to stomach problems. I had no trouble with low platelets but my neutrophils were always low. It will be interesting to see what my next results show when I get them in June.


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