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23 year old with potential APS


My name is Alexander. Im 23 years old and i have been diagnosed with central retinal vein occlusion in January. All my tests for thrombophilia were normal, biochemistry tests also. I made heart ultrasound which was also good. However, last week i did some testing for autoimmune diseases and i got anticardiolipin antibodies IgG 10 (low positive, normal is <5). Lupus anti coagulants and anti b2 antibodies were normal. I was told i have to wait for 6 to 12 weeks to have my test done again and that he suspects that i have APS. He said i should take aspirin 100 until then. However next month i will go to USA (12 hours flight) and i read here that u should take some other medicine. Can you tell me your thoughts on this subject? Can i 'survive' 12 hours flight?

Have a nice day!

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Hello Alexander and welcome to our friendly forum.

Firstly, could you please tell us where you are from, as this will help us and other members to help you.

Some members, who are to take long plane journeys, are prescribed Fragmin or Clexane (low molecular weight Heparin) injections to use before the flight. I am on Fragmin for life; I used to be on Warfarin.



Hi and welcome, as a rule, if you are flying over 4 hours, you need something like Clexane or Fragmin prescribed, with the provision for an extra dose in case of flight delays. The test results can go in and out of positive and sometimes people with low results, can still be extremely ill with Hughes Syndrome/APS. I am glad you have bee put on Aspirin.



Hi Alexander. In answer to your question, of course you will survive a 12 hour flight. You will need to prepare, ask your GP or specialist to prescribe LMWH injections for the flights and a couple of spares. Normally you would inject 6 hours into the flight, so thats about half way.

During the flight keep well hydrated, thats almost as important as movement. Do the inset exercises that are recommended such as ankle rolls, stretching your foot up towards you and then pointing your toes down to the floor. Get up and have a 5 minute stroll round the aircraft about once an hour when you are awake. After landing try and do some walking to get the circulation moving too.

Wear loose fitting clothing during the flight so you are comfortable and so that there is nothing tight. Also purchase the flight stockings or get your GP to prescribe the thigh length support stockings. Id also suggest you make sure you have good travel insurance as you are going to the USA. If you have not got any Id just say you have had a DVT rather than say you have a dx of APS which as yet has not been confirmed. You may find it easier.

After all that, have a wonderful trip and don't worry too much.


Hi make an appointment to see your GP ? Asprin and Clexane work in the same way, unlike Warfarin which you would might be given Clexane to cover you


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