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Should I be on medication?

I was diagnosed after lots of miscarriages years ago and was treated in pregnancy with fragmin asprin after for 5 weeks but haven't been on any medication since.I am 45 and am getting symptoms of palputations, extreme tiredness, joint/muscle pain and cant walk sometimes, memory loss. Going to say peoples names of places and its gone. Forgetting what I have just done!

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Could be worth getting a thorough check up and some blood tests to just see where you're at. Perhaps just a daily Aspirin (100mg) to see if things improve at all.


Your symptoms could be from a number of different things including Low Thyroid, Vit D and B12 difficiency. It's always easy to think Hughes and blame that but other things should and must be considered. As Prof Hughes says if we are not properly evaluated then we will never get as well as we can. I'd get your Thyroid properly tested which will no doubt mean getting private testing as most GPs won't do more than the TSH which is worthless. Pop over to Thyroid UK to find out how you can get that done.

Then I'd go to your GP to get everything else looked at including your Hughes which has been mentioned may require daily Aspirin and Plaquenil.


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