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Pain in the stomach zone and hard vomiting


I have APS, and have a stroke in November 2016. I have migranes from 6 years of age, with hard vomiting. With varifin i do not have more migranes, but now i have pain in the stomach with hard vomiting, i have 3 times to hospital but doctors do not know what is that. I am waiting to make a eco in arterial veins of kidney. Anyone have this syntoms?

The pain is very hard and the vomiting is very hard.




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Hi Skoll,

Have you been to the Center in Portugal that Mary wrote to you about? I think it was one month ago as a reply to your earlier question?

No, I do not have these symptoms. Hope you will feel better very soon though!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


I do hope they get the bottom of this for you, in the meantime I enclose this paper for your doctors:




It would be advisable for your doctors to rule out micro clots to the bowels. I had this. Can be difficult for scans to find. ( I would go in and out of non mechanical paralytic ileus.) pain and sometimes hard vomiting.

I'm looking at the book Highways and Byways by professor Hughes right now. Check for coeliac axis stenosis and bowel ischemia.

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