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I recently posted about APS and the effect it has on my brain ie brain fog, doing stupid things etc. A few days ago I watched the documentary on ADHD with Rory Bremner. I was surprised at the similarities of the condition especially the ADD part. Is there actually a link with APS? I even did an on line test and found my score on the ADD part very high, not so high on the Hyperactivity part.

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Hi Molly,

The brain is difficult to understand.

Also MS has some neurological symptoms similar to HS and therefor it is often mixed together.

I think when we learn more about the brain we can find a lot of similarities to other illnesses. Also that several illnesses may run in families (genetic). I wonder how many with Alzheimer or "demense" in fact are mixed up with HS/APS. Also some years ago they did a test on this site and found that there were several lefthanded with HS. A coinsidence or....?

These are thoughts from a person who is not medical trained!

Best wishes to you Molly from Kerstin in Stockholm


There will be many overlapping areas in neurology, not sure that there is a direct link though. MaryF

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I believe I ve read that sometimes people with Hughes are diagnosed with epilepsy!

More in the variety of neurological symptoms x


There is a known link to epilepsy manifestations with Hughes.


IMHO, there may be a link-inflammation! A gluten-free diet also helped me reduce the brain fog days. I didn't think it could get any better until I went on a very low carb diet. Now I have even less brain fog – I'm not forgetting where I put my glasses or my keys as often, I'm able to read new challenging material without revisiting the same paragraph two or three times. Yes, the low-carb diet was tough at first – but now that I am profiting from the results I will never go back to eating the way I did before.


A few years ago at a patient meeting there was a straw poll of everyone there asking them who had family members with links to Dyslexia and ADHD the show of hands was very high. Of course this proves nothing in an audience of around 100 people some of which did not have Hughes. But a larger study would be very interesting.


Thanks APsnot Fab it was pretty amazing how many of the characteristics I seem to have and a little scary. but of course I know that maybe some of these are also the same for APS sufferers.


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