Inr crashed

Took inr this morning 2.6 so take fragmine when below 3 my target is 4

Emailed Anticoagulation clinic with results 5 times through out the day now reply phoned thrombosis clinic at 4.30 pm said doctor would call me back no one did

Rang the emergency on call register over and hour ago 7.40 pm time now is 9pm no one called me back !!!

My normal dose is 9 mg daily warfin so have taken 12 mg at 8pm tonight will retest in the morning 👍

Warfin crashed in February went down to 2.4

So going to start testing twice a week Tuesday as normal and Fridays from now on 😤

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  • Hi Tim,

    Hope you have got enough teststrips for the coming days. If you took the raised Warfarin-dose to-night it will be very early tomorrow for a change in INR. It may take 2 - 3 days.

    Hope you can tell someone tomorrow that you have taken 12 mg of Warfarin so they know

  • Seeing prof hunt in 5 weeks time may ask her if going on to fragmine all the time is the way to go and to stop taking warfrin see what she says 😄

    Thanks for your reply 👍

  • Hi Tim,

    Sounds a very wise decision. It is difficult with Warfarin. Cross my fingers it will work.


  • Phoned the on call register at 7.47 pm 9.35 now still not called me back going to take shower now can't sit by the phone all night 😂

  • Hi Tim have they not given you any fragmine to take without consulting the clinic if your INR is so low, that should cover you.

    I have Clexane which covers me for these periods I test daily, then giving myself injections until above 3.0 which was advised to do bt the anticoagulant clinic.

    Horrible when you are so worried, personally I would never increase my Warfarin above 0.5 mgs INR too high is worse I feel, as their is also can be problem with bleeding.make sure as kerstin says to inform your clinic, perhaps they could give you advise on the amounts you should take if you are unable to contact them.

  • I agree with daisyd that you should contact the Consultant and tell him that you took 12 mg instead of normally 9 mg.

    Also ask for a Fragmin-shot to take when under an INR of 3.0!

    Hope you have enough teststrips as you must probably follow the iNR now for some days.

    Make notes about everything so you can tell them what is going on. That way you will also learn how your body reacts.


  • Hi Tim

    I have had a crashing INR a couple of times recently. I have an emergency supply of heparin syringes for when I go below 3.0. Normally I have been able to speak to someone but once when I could not I looked back through my yellow book and took the dosage I had been told last time I was too low. Then I spoke to the nurse asap after. Normally I self test once a week on a Friday when I can get straight through to my clinic with the results if I need to. Only in between if I need to - eg new medication or change in INR etc. Unfortunately I have to pay for my test strips now as my CCG will not prescribe - still worth it though.

    Hope that helps. I think it is disgraceful that no-one called you back. It only happened to me the once but I complained to the practice manager pointing out that it is not a drug you can mess around with!

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