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Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone as i saw my PCP who handles my medications and INR. When I told her that everyone on this site is telling me I would be better with a therapeutic INR of 3-4. That is now mine and my Dr.s goal. She is wonderful, she understands that just because im not a dr doesn't mean I couldn't have been, meaning just bcause ur a dr it doesn't mean you are smarter or know more about everything then me. If 3-4 range is what is working best for you guys. Then thats good enough for her. So we working on getting my INR into the the higher range as it is what works for you guys. Thank you so very very much!

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  • Yay!

  • Outstanding

  • I am so glad you have a doctor who is of the 'listening' variety, and thanks for the feedback. MaryF

  • Im greatful for the information!

  • I am so glad for you!

    Please tell us if it works also.


  • Will do. Thank you guys for the information!

  • Brilliant

  • Wow. Now you all have me wondering if I feel so bad because my INR is 2-3 instead of 3-4. I'm thinking it's because of the nerve component of my APL. I have both manifestations of the disease, not so much clotting but a lot of nerve problems. It is interesting to me because we all have some of the same symptoms (vision, neuropathy, etc.) but most seem to be caused by small clots and I've been told mine are nerve related.

  • Ask your Specialist of APS to have your INR higher. Usually, with neurological symptoms, we need a higher INR. My INR should be between an INR of 3.5 - 4.

    The Neurologists do not often "get" what APS is about - too thick blood that has to be thinned to avoid damage and clots.

    Read also "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. A good book about APS read and liked by many members on our site.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I wish i could get my Range higher - my dc's to afraid -- so -BUT after years i have managed to get it to 2.5 to 3.5 so i just try to stay on high side . and that is a choir

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