Advice needed

I recently visited my gp and asked if she could give me anything for vaginal dryness

I told her i did not want tablets,so she gave me pessaries,which contain hormones.

I read the patient leaflet,which stated that you shouldn't use them if you have any condition that causes clots,and then went on to list conditions.

APS was not listed,but it still mad me wonder if it is safe to take them?

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  • I would check with GP in the meantime people get great results with. SASS gel sold in Boots. (the Ph balanced one), I suggest you find that and talk to the pharmacist to make sure, I know others have used it, but I do suggest checking first. MaryF

  • thanks Mary

  • I have suffered with vaginal dryness for years and finally found what I would like to share with anyone experiencing the same. They are vaginal suppositories of vitamin E called Key-E by Carlson. I buy them online and they don't have any hormones. For whatever it's worth, I was told by a hematologist that I should never use hormones. I hope this helps.

  • I like the sound of those

    definitely worth giving a try

  • It probably not available any more but KY Jelly was always used as a lubricant for examination by Drs. Is that a possibility?

  • Hi I was told by haematologist I couldn't use anything that contained hormones because of clotting risk.. really interested in trying that Key E now. Love this site find out really useful & helpful information.

  • This is what both my OB-gyn and my stroke Neurologist told me (I'm on HRT). As long as the hormone is NOT estrogen and not digested (passing through and absorbed through intestines and especially liver) you should be OK. When absorbed through the skin you by pass the liver. But we still cannot use absorption for Estrogen.

    As far as the pamphlet info, the company puts in the package, they have to list all the info and affects that coupled possibly happen, even if it is a miniscule chance it could happen. Go by what you doctor know and has studied... even regarding you having APS.

  • Sorry I haven't replied before, my GP prescribe me Replens MD doesn't contain hormones it is applied internally, you can get the Replens with out the MD from a pharmacy but I think this one is better

  • that's what I had hoped she would prescribe daisyd

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