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I'm new here with Schamberg's Purpura

I have been told I have Schamberg's Purpura. I'm 63. It is mainly on my lower legs and comes and goes but never goes away completely. It started on the tops of my feet but cleared up completely after a few years only to return on my lower legs. The bright red dots do fade eventually, like bruises but are replaced by more almost immediately in other places. I'm not overweight, very healthy and keep very active. Nothing seems to affect the rate of occurrence of the dots or clear them up. My doctor says there is no treatment and that I just have leaky veins as I have thread veins. Has anyone any advice or self help for keeping the dots to a minimum? Are there any effective treatments at all?

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Hi there, have you also got a diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome/APS? This forum is specifically for Hughes Syndrome/APS. Do you need me to help you find a forum? MaryF


Thank you! I only noticed I was on the wrong forum as I posted the message. How do I find the right forum please?


If you look at the top under communities, it will let you scroll through the list of every group/charity on here. Failing that, this here, has a list on the left hand side of all possible support groups:

To leave us, and travel onwards, just unfollow us, best of luck. MaryF

ps there is a Facebook group:


Thank you!


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