Hashimotos disease

Hi All, has anyone heard of the above? Having been dismissed by GP last week he did blood tests because my spleen enlarged again and told have this which is connected to thyroid, which I have not known that I have an under active thyroid, they thought had told me 8 months ago and didn't realise I had not been prescribed medication. I feel more determined to try and see specialist, I have wrote to my local CCG changing doctors not option so few where I live non others taking on.

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  • Hi Sue - Hashimotos is autoimmune thyroiditis. I also have this. It means that you will have thyroid antibodies. You can be under or over but most are under. So have they given you any medication for your under active thyroid? You are correct you need to be referred to an Endo criminologist for this condition because if it is not handled correctly you will never feel well and it can affect your Hughes. Also you need to make sure your Ferritin is at a good level or your thyroid medication cant work to get to the cells.

    Thyroid disease and Sjogrens are the three conditions often found together with Hughes Syndrome. You may want to join Thyroid UK another community here on HealthUnlocked. They are very knowledgable about thyroid matters.

  • Hi, you have had a great answer similar to what I would have said, it is common with us lot to have a Thyroid problem, some people do not get tested properly and the antibodies not looked at, so it is better to have passed some tests. Iron/Ferritin is very important, and if your iron is low you need a four hour window away from he iron, to take your thyroid meds. also your B12 and D must also be looked at. If your D is low your antibodies can rise. I echo the idea to join Thyroid UK on this platform, it is an absolutely excellent charity and their moderators on their forum are very very good. MaryF

  • Thank you for your replies and advice. I have learnt more in the last few months than four years. X

  • Thank you for the great feedback. MaryF

  • I've had hashimotos for over 30 years. My TPO antibodies are in the thousands. It really wasn't considered by my Doctors as being of any interest - they just prescribe thyroxine yada yada. But now 30 years later and with a rare location DVT and APS and ANA at last they are treating me properly and under care of a rheumatologist.

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