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New Name Same Person

Hi it's me. For some reason they made me resign up and my username not available! Of course it's not cuz it's taken by me lol... Just so you know I chose the name Dubessos, because my Dad gave me that name, He called me Dubessos The English lady!!! Lol... Although I'm from USA, My Dad was from England!!! So I'm honoring him! I hope n pray ur all well and happy! GODSPEED

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Well hello there! I did edit out your email address for internet safety purposes, but nice to see you! MaryF


I wondered why we hadn't heard from you lately! Welcome back.


So wo we're you before? Lol, you forgot to tell us🤔

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Hallo our English lady! Glad to hear from you again. Yest the other day I thought of you and wondered why we had not heard from you lately.

"Dobessos"it is! Is that your real name you father gave you or did he call your that? What is in that case your "real" name?



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