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Check your labs

I found out yesterday that my TSH has been abnormal since May of 2015. At that time I felt awful and begged my doctor to test anything he could. I never heard anything and assumed, incorrectly, that all labs were normal. I made an emergency appointment with him yesterday to diplomatically ask him to recheck whole thyroid panel as you all suggested. That is when he found the 2 year old results. Had another TSH done yesterday and he is to call me today and let me know what to take and how much.

This illness takes so much out of us and yet requires vigilance to ensure that nothing is missed.

It is thanks to your encouragement I have gotten this far. Nancy

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Good! I'm glad you have caught this. We always say it's important to be your own advocate - you should not have to but unfortunately it's important that you do.

I recently had a similar situation where I'd had my appointment at Guys, they had written to my Gp recommending I have certain treatment and asking they arrange it. After 2 months I had not heard anything so asked if they had done it and they had done nothing and probably would not have done if I had not have asked. Terrible really.

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