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What type of Misscarraige does APS cause?

My daughter-in-law has suffered from headaches and migraines from her teens.

She had a brain MRI a few years ago and they were concerned on examining the results, that she may have MS. It was repeated 6 months later and found to be normal.

When they went for their 12 week scan last May the sack and fluid and placenta were present but the baby had been reabsorbed she miscarried a few days later. She was badly aneomic after.

Six months later the same thing happened. This time the remains of the pregnancy was surgically removed and sent to the lab. Tests were normal (but what tests?)

Had The Misscarraiges occurred the day before the scan, we would never have known that the babies had been reabsorbed.

I know it would be unlikely for her to have APS as well as me (being my daughter-in-law)- but I have my concerns.

Are the types of losses that she experienced common with APS or could something else be wrong? They won't do any testing on either parents until another loss occurs .

I suppose I just want some direction and advice. As always many thanks 💋

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I am so so very sorry for your families losses. I can't answer ur actual question, I'm just an aps patient. But I can tell u that I had MRI'a of brain that showed a type of demyelination that look close to ms but not quit. On Subsequent MRI's I have had two where radiologists claimed the test to be unremarkable with no elisions. Both times my dr asked the to review the scans again an both radiologist had to add an amend their first reports because I still had the lesions! They just didn't bother to look at it much. I don't know where u live but in USA the younger the female the more likely Dr.'s of all kinds of specialties will not really pay attention as they think women are faking just to get attention. Please do not automatically believe the radioligst as all people make mistakes and one leasions of damage/dead tissue are there THEY DO NOT MAGICALLY GO AWAY. I wish you & you family the best. Try to insist on being tested for APS as she certainly is exhibiting symptoms. If one dr won't do it just pick up ur bag and go to next dr and so on until she has been fully tested!


Thank u. We live in the U.K. We go to one gp and it is quite a performance to change! X


Hi there, what a sad situation for your family. It just might be that she could also have Hughes Syndrome/APS, Best to rule it in or out. I would suggest she does all the tests, (take forms to the hospital as the samples taken are time sensitive). I would simply be a coincidence, however the figure one in five for miscarriages is often quoted.


Also do vitamin D, B12, iron, and also a Thyroid panel, as if this is low it can also cause miscarriages.


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Hello, I've had numerous miscarriages ranging from chemicals between 4-6 wks, 2 ecotopics and a missed miscarriage at 9wks 4 days which they think from the scan the foetus stopped developing around 8wks. I had a d&c of which full tests were done, these are done to rule out chromosome issues which could have could also effect future pregnancies so if it was clear that's a good sign. Mine too were clear, I asked to be tested for 'sticky blood' syndrome (Hughes syndrome) and came back positive. I'm now having ivf as both my tubes has to be removed due to fluid in them prob caused by the ectopics. I have had 2 goes at ivf which both ended in chemicals but with the last I was taking clexane and will do on my next try. I have also been diagnosed with high NK cells (natural killer cells) where you body classes the foetus as a foreign object and kills it off 😢 This is treated via steroids to try and dampen the immune system, as yet it's all not worked for me but I am 39 so age won't help. Advise your daughter in law about NK cells and tell her to research it. The test for it is a biopsy of your womb lining at a certain time of the month. No sedation needed but is only a test you can get privately. About £380ish. Check Tommys research centre in warrickshire as they are the lead on it and all their money goes back into trials for miscarriage research x


I'm so so sorry that you have been through so much. I hope and pray u will be successful in having a healthy baby soon. Especially now u have the right treatment.

Thank u for ur advice I will most definitely talk to them.

Good luck. Have u tried Reiki Healing? It's non invasive & non religious. Most Spiritual Centre's offer healing drop in clinics on a donation only basis. Or u can find one and arrange a private session.

My mums a Reiki Master and has helped several people like yourself.

Meditation is also a good tool. It is non religious and teaches u to relax and be calm. I have recorded my own led meditation, which I can e-mail u if u want to try. 💋


Aww thank you Wendywoo50, I have started looking into meditation and also started accupuncture as it's meant to increase ivf success rates. I was doing weekly reflexology last year and as much as I loved it have stopped now because of cost....and because it didn't work. You spend half your life trying not to get pregnant and then when you want to it seems to be the hardest thing possible! I've experienced many lows with what's happened, but I'm a strong cookie and will keep fighting! Thank you for your kind words x


U will get through. I know it's hard to b strong all the time so let that release valve go when u need to.

I have Accupuncture on the NHS for pain control and think it's brilliant. They insist on breaks every few months and I really miss it then.

If u want any meditation advice send me a message I am a qualified meditation teacher/instructor. Maybe our paths were meant to cross now lol

What country r u in?

Love Wendy 💋

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I am so sorry for your families loss. I had two early miscarriages and at that point my consultant tested me for Hughes as she had a feeling. It came back positive but I still lost taking aspirin alone. It's only about £35 for a thrombophilia blood test so ask your GP. After a forth loss it was suggested my another lady on the miscarriage association boards to pay for me to see Mr Raj Rai at St Mary's London for a more specific test which proved I needed 2 x aspirin and heparin/fragment daily plus he suggested high dose folic acid and progesterone pesseries and we were successful.

I found reflexology so relaxing but found taking pregnacare conception and acupuncture really helped me conceive. I was preparing for IVF but acupuncture certainly prevented me from needing this I am sure.

Wishing you and your family all the very best.


Thank you. U have been through a hard time too.

They have do far had no trouble getting pregnant - it's keeping it that's the issue.

I will pass on ur advice. Many thanks xx


I'm sorry for the losses xxx

I do t know if there's a particular 'type' of miscarriages for Hughes syndrome. I had two early complete miscarriages before 6 weeks and then another 'missed miscarriage' at 9 weeks that required a d&c.

Kelly x

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Bless u. I'm so sorry u have been through that awful loss too xx


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