Pro-biotics, anyone?

First, a blessed Christmas to all! I have been gaining knowledge from all of you for a couple of years now. You. Have. Helped. I'm on warfarin, changed my hemotologist's idea about INR (now 2.5-3.5) and bought STICKY BLOOD for all of my docs. Waiting (for what I'm not sure) to try a gluten free diet, but now I'm looking for a little info on pro-biotics. Have any of you used them, did it work? I have been nauseous for three weeks now and a doctor I just visited while away from home seems to: a) know more about APS than any of my docs at home, b) suggest homeopathic remedies before meds, c) check all us baby boomers for Hep C, and d) ordered an ultrasound right off the get-go. Seems I found a gem.

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  • HI mayeanne,

    I am also on Warfarin selftesting and eat often the same sort of food. As to pro-biotics I have learnt to eat Youghurt with Acidophilus and Bifidus every day. Take at least 3 dl/day.

    Your Warfarin will change if you use to much of it. A Special Warfarin-nurse I have said that I should not take too much of it. Here in Sweden the Middleteranian food is popular for our health. I eat also green vegetables, more or less as to how my INR behaves that day.

    Wait 3 weeks at least before you change the probiotics otherwise you do not know what is what. I also drink 3 dl of a fruit-drink with roschip (?) with lactobacillus plantarium 299.

    We are all different and with so many things as to this illness it is a trial and error.

    Have a nice Christmas you too over there!

    Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you! I have learned so much from you throughout his process 😉

  • Yes I use them and on advise from a dietician was told to get Optibac Probiotic Extra Strength one a day. Its good, no windy side effects.

  • Google the online ( some episodes free,others not as the producers are trying to sell access) "Betrayal" which is about connection between autoimmunity and the gut biome.

  • Yes I am on them, but do inform your main doctor with any new supplement. MaryF

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