Abdominal bloating

For the last 3/4 I have been dealing with a lit of abdominal bloating. To me, I look very pregnant. I have gained weight due to lack of mobility and energy but not to the point of looking 8 months pregnant. I have had ultra sounds and there is no visible issue exceot a small cyst in my uterus wich will be removed when I am in better health. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • I had a lot of bloating until recently when I started slimming world. The food optimising programme really helped and I have lost a stone. My instructor says you don't need to do a lot of exercise but I do like to swim. Feel better soon.

  • Hi, yes I did have this, but it has diminished greatly, firstly I removed gluten totally from my diet, secondly I started to take probiotics and thirdly I had my thyroid treated, so now the problem is very very small and only when I am very unwell. MaryF

  • I did but stopped gluten, lactose and also just found out I am sensitive to soy! Exclusion diet is the only way to find out Im afraid. Also use a good probiotic like Optibac Extra strength once a day. Then see how things are.

  • I too had these issues until I discovered by accident that I am gluten intolerant. And yes, avoiding gluten can be challenging – especially when eating out or at church potluck dinners. But it has still been a big win for me as my health has improved by a large margin. Some early days it seemed as though I got a whole new body.

  • By chance are you taking prednisone? I found the same thing happened to me when taking prednisone. I made the mistake of looking at my side profile in the mirror upon entering the bath. At that time I had a daughter that "was" 8 months pregnant; my profile looked identical.

  • No I am not. I wish I as so I would have something to blame it on other than being fat! I spent my adukt life being either thin or ubder weight. I have never been one to retain fat in my waist area and always had a very flat stomache, which was my only thing I liked about my body. APS has taken that away from me as well as the person I used to be. I regularly worked 12 hours a day raised two daughters and was athletic and fiercely independent. Im none of those things now. The name u use PecosPeg makes me want to ask where you are from and where you live. I live in New Mexico, an area known as The Pecos Valley perhaps we are close? Of course you do not have to answer that as where you live could be something u like to keep to yourself.

  • I live in Michigan now but was raised in TX, lived in CO for a while. Ironically, Have a daughter moving to Roswell soon.

  • Ohhhh! Don't tell my other half that! He is in to X Files and is convinced that there is truth to all those conspirator theories!! 😳

  • I live in Roswell and often when I am asked about aliens I tell them I love alien they taste just like chicken. Lol

  • Perhaps we can find a way to communicate outside of the forum so that it is not public. Will be visiting your area often. They are part of the artist in residence program.

  • That's wonderful she must be a very talented artis. Sounds good. I think there is a way to send messages thru this forum that are private and can only b viewed by the writter and the recipient. Any let me know when u will be down here. Maybe you and I could get a cup of coffee and swap APS stories as I do not know anyone with APS. Stay in touch!

  • SoulRebel-APS PecosPeg If you want to private message each other (PM) then just click on each others name and when it comes up in the top right hand side is "send a message". Click on that and then put in the others name and a message title and then write your message.

  • Im sorry your daughter is moving so far away. I live in Roswell. Thank you for responding. Have a good day!

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