Blood as hard as a rock!

Tonight I cut my thumb really bad with a sharp knife (just a small cut though). I bled for less than a minute. Now the blood on my thumb is as hard as a rock. It's like super-glue lol. My last INR a week ago was 3.7. I think my blood is very thick this week. I was starting to get freaked out about the cut until it hardened up. I guess our bloods are too thick. I'm in a lot of leg pain this week, so maybe the APS antibodies are running wild again. I hope you all are having a good week.


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  • There is a clotting powder available that is nice to have on hand. I too cut myself on a piece of metal.. deep cut right on index knuckle. The powder came in handy. Probably should've gone for stitches, but chose not to. That was about 1.5 months ago and it still is painful. It was still bleeding five hours later, but good now of course. Having powder on hand might give you a little more confidence. Take care...

  • They also have clotting sponges. I honestly never worry about bleeding since it has never happened to me. I only fear the clots coming back. Thanks for the advice!

  • That would be interesting to know why it is was so hard.

  • Just dried up and is like two hard pieces of blood. Same thing happens when I prick my fingers for blood sugar readings. If I do not get the blood onto the test strip, it will dry up on my fingers. We have super-bloods!

  • What is the powder called and do you know if you can get it in the USA without prescription?

  • I'll send you pm. No prescription required.

  • I noticed the same thing – but I've had this all my life. When I was a kid, a friend would fall while skating, scrape the knee, and bleed all over the place. I would have the same kind of accident with a bad knee scrape and would barely bleed at all. In my competitive, tomboy type view of the world I decided this meant I was tougher than my friends who bled more easily.

  • Our blood is like super-glue lol!

  • I hope you get no new cuts this week!!!!!! MaryF

  • I am on so many pain meds, I am dangerous in the kitchen. So I will just use the microwave for the rest of the week to avoid cuts. lol

  • Hi sirclotsalot,

    I have Pulmonary Hypertension and have probably done a CT-Scan and what is important. There is never anything found on my Scans as I must have micro-embolies. I have also leaking heartwalves.

    For me Warfarin and anticoagulation is a must and to have an INR-figure stable and high enough to feel ok. I have had mysterious pain at an INR of 3.2 or even once 3.3.

    So I hope you get a Specialist who is willing to let you go high enough and stable with several tests or even selftesting. Otherwise ask to try LMW Heparin for a period if time if it is impossible with Warfarin. Are you tripple-positive?

    Personally I think that you should feel much better when you do not have that thick blood of yours. I speak only from my own experience now. Could it be impossible to focus on the anticoagulation for once?

    Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • If I ever have another blood clot while on Warfarin, that is when I will make a big push for Heparin, or to keep my INR way above a 3.0. My doctor is just set in his ways. I hate trying to fight him all of the time.

  • I can understand very well that you feel that way. I should feel the same if I were you I am sure.

    I always talk about the INR, I know. Have you shown him something written to prove you are right?

    Yesterday I bought a new little knife for my kitchen and then I thought of you and was very careful not to cut myself as it was very sharp.

    Best wishes


  • I don't usually cut myself, but when I am on heavy painkillers, I am quite reckless at times. I have to be extra careful. I wasn't actually cutting food at the time. I usually keep my fingers far away from the knife when I'm cutting food. The knife had just been washed and was sitting on top of the counter waiting to dry. I hit it with my hand and it spun around and the tip pierced my thumb as it flew to the ground. My arm just jerked and hit the knife. Sometimes my arm jerks all by itself and I knock things over or throw cups and plate to the floor. It could have been much worse. I barely felt it because of the painkillers. All is good today, just a small scab that is healing up nicely. I get so tired of fighting with my doctors about INR levels and APS. They will not take professor Hughes seriously. I just try and manage the best I can and hopefully everything will turn out well in the end. I hope you're having a good night tonight Kerstin. You and Mary always give the best advice!

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