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Totally unsure

Not sure whats wrong i had a healthy baby number 5 in 2012 im a type 1 iddm diabetic i had pre eclampsia she was born prematurely due to being distressed at 31 weeks anyway got pregnant in september 2015 misscarried at 11 weeks as heart beat had stopped mc naturally at home in november fell pregnant again with twins but mc at 6 weeks in may now trying to concieve again but now ive had bloods run and we know that my aps levels were borderline anyway im on asprin and when i get a positive test result i start another injectable med for the pregnancy .... but since my pregnancy of twins i had what i was told was ciatica very painfull at times but usually it goes once babies are born but now i still have it and the pain in my left leg specially when i try n sleep or rest is agony only time its at its easiest is when im walking but can still hurt i have been depressed and very weepy the last few weeks not pregnant and am 8/9 days late for my period ..... just dont onow if its related to the aps ? Any input would be good i often have dizzy spells

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Hi there and welcome, please rely on us for a bit of support, many women on here have been in a similar position to yourself. You need to tell us where you are located, as it is vital you have a specialist who fully understands this condition. Your hormones will be all over the place and I am sure not sleeping will all be adding to your current stress. If you are pregnant you will definitely need full monitoring on anticoagulants. It is also vital to have your Thyroid tested, also your levels of Vitamin D, (should sit at around 75), and also your B12 and iron, any of these being out will make you feel a far lot worse. MaryF


Im with a specialist in the south uk her name is dr sophia stone ive always had lower iron than normal but felt ok with it until last few months my iron only benefits when having iron infusions which the hospital wont do until im pregnant i take prenatals and all other bloods are fine my hba1c is 7.3 so doctors are extremely happy with everything im due another blood test october 6th to retest and confirm diagnosis


You may wish to look through here:



Just to add to what my colleague has said, the sciatica that you are experiencing is quite common, probably again because of your disrupted hormones which make your ligaments quite loose. You might want to think about joining a pregnancy yoga class which will have experience in doing very gentle stretches that might help with your back. Do make sure that whoever is taking the class is registered and experienced however and talk to them about the issues you have before doing anything first.

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